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Manuka Honey is a thriving sector. Are you Interested in ….

  • Increasing Income
  • Diversifying Income Stream and Risks
  • Using Marginal Land
  • Increasing Value of Your Land
  • Controlling Erosion

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Mānuka Plantations for Mānuka honey is now a viable alternate land use on marginal pastoral land in New Zealand.

The commercial opportunity for high performance Mānuka plantations has arisen from the increasing global demand for high quality New Zealand Mānuka honey for medicinal applications and culinary uses.

Manuka Farming New Zealand in association with MRPL and Comvita have developed a range of seedlines that are suitable for plantation development. These seedlines have been shown to be field-hardy in a number of environments throughout New Zealand and have been selected for floral density and flowering times.

Manuka Farming NZ was formed in 2011 and contains a strong shareholding representing primary sector and apiary interests.

Our knowledge places us at the forefront of the science and practical knowhow regarding the successful establishment of Mānuka plantations and integrated apiary requirements.