Mānuka Farming NZ provides a full service for the development of Mānuka plantations throughout New Zealand. We have high quality seedlings as well as the knowledge, expertise and industry relationships to support large scale property owners with the development of a productive Mānuka plantation.

Funding available – there is funding available to assist in the establishment of Mānuka plantations and planting a range of tree species that will assist in improving the quality and quantity of Mānuka honey.

Mānuka Seedling orders now open for 2019

We have hybrid Mānuka Seedlings available now. To order click here or to find out more about how we can work with you click here

Mānuka Farming NZ Ltd. is owned by Mānuka Research Partnership Ltd., which in turn is owned the entities below.



.. together with a small shareholder (Arborex Ltd), providing a wide range of primary industry shareholders

Mānuka Research Partnership Ltd was formed in 2011 as the entity that partnered with the New Zealand Government (through the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)) on the Primary Growth Partnership Programme (PGP) which on high performance mānuka plantation for honey. This programme which also involves Massey University came to an end in June 2018, and the insights and learnings from this programme are being made available on a commercial basis through Mānuka Farming New Zealand Ltd. which was established in December 2015.

Mānuka Farming NZ Ltd. has a clear Vision, Mission, and Focus

Our Vision

“ To Be World Class in Mānuka Plantations”

 Our Mission

“Excellence in Delivery of Mānuka Plantations through Science”

 Our Focus

To work with large landowners in New Zealand who are able to make a material difference to the well-being (hauora) of our people (tangata) and our land (whenua) through an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable manuka based industry in New Zealand.


MFNZ Whakatauki

He mahinga hōu mai I te mōhioranga tuku iho


New ways of doing from old ways of knowing