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High Performing Mānuka cultivars

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Manuka Farming in association with MRPL and Comvita have developed a range of seedlings that are suitable for plantation development. These seedlings have been shown to be field-hardy in a number of environments throughout New Zealand and have been selected for floral density and flowering times. The initial selection of these genomes involved analysis of honey crops in areas that consistently yielded manuka honey with elevated UMF levels. Parent material was sourced from homogenous districts of Leptospermum scoparium. This parent material was subjective to a number of evaluations, including field adaptability and honey potential, and the best candidates were propagated to form trial plantation seed orchards.

These seed orchards have been further evaluated, poor-performing individuals have been removed, and the seed for CVT seedline is harvested from the remaining parents. Flowering time and geographic separation ensures that the CVT seedline parentage remains true to type.

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Eco-Sourcing and other – For landowners wishing to plant mānuka from ones already growing naturally on their land, MFNZ will be offering an eco-sourcing service. This service enables seeds to be extracted from the naturally grown mānuka following leaf, nectar testing, and seed cleaning.

Consultancy services around each of the Six Steps to Mānuka Farming Success namely:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Site Visit
  • Master Plan on Plantation and Apiary Establishment and Management, and Financial Forecasting
  • Plantation and Apiary Establishment
  • Plantation Monitoring
  • Honey Harvest

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