How We Work with Our Clients

Manuka Farming is committed to helping our customers achieve a successful outcome. There are several risks along the journey that can impact on a successfully outcome, including:

  • Poor survival rates of mānuka plants
  • Poor honey yield from hives
  • Low mānuka content in honey
  • Poor health of bees
  • Unanticipated costs

Manuka Farming has identified 6 key steps to addressing the above risks so that the landowner is set-up for the successful establishment of their Mānuka honey plantation.

These steps are outlined below, and form the basis of engagement with our client throughout the period when they are establishing their mānuka plantation until the point where they start generating income from their honey.

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Site Visit
  3. Master Plan on Plantation and Apiary Establishment and Management, and Financial Forecasting
  4. Plantation and Apiary Establishment
  5. Plantation Monitoring
  6. Honey Harvest

At each stage of the process, MFNZ involves key subject matter experts and the most suitable products and services to maximise the chances of success for the landowner.