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“Mānuka Farming NZ – the one stop shop for landowners interested in plantation mānuka honey’’

Setting the Scene for Mānuka Honey

Honey exports have increased by 23% per annum on average over the last 10 years, and Mānuka honey is fuelling most of the growth and there are aspirations for it to be  a billion dollar earner in the next 15 years [1]

The value of Mānuka honey is disproportionately higher than other types of honey due to its unique anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Demand (especially international demand) outstrips supply. Many exporters are under immense pressure to satisfy the needs of both existing and new customers, and the market is expected to grow with the development of increasingly affluent emerging economies Mānuka’s unique properties, combined with fact that only New Zealand and parts of Australia are able to naturally grow Manuka, create some strong competitive advantages for New Zealand.

Mānuka Farming NZ Ltd. (MFNZ) was formed to help New Zealand landowners take full advantage of the options which this opportunity presents to them by providing landowners with a one stop shop for the establishment and management of successful plantation mānuka honey business on their land.

Our Research and the PGP Programme

Manuka Farming has co-invested with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in the High Performance Mānuka Plantations Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme. The programme commenced in 2011 and is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

Their objective is to increase the yield and reliability of supply of medical-grade Mānuka honey.

The PGP programme partners are researching how local ecosystems affect Mānuka honey yields and quality, and studying a range of Mānuka genetic material provided by Comvita NZ Ltd from its Mānuka breeding program. Combining improved genetics with optimum plantation management and bee-keeping practices will enable significant productivity gains.

Key aims:

The primary outcome of theHigh Performance Mānuka Plantations PGP programme is to examine the technical and economic parameters of plantation Mānuka.

Specifically, the High Performance Mānuka Plantations PGP program aims to:

  1. Double the hives per hectare carrying capacity on Mānuka throughout New Zealand;
  2. Double the average yield of a hive;
  3. Double the proportion of Mānuka honey capable of sale as a medicinal product; and
  4. Double the land area in Mānuka economically accessible to beekeepers.

The programme has set its sights on lifting the value of the New Zealand Mānuka honey industry from an estimated $75 million in 2010 to $1.2 billion per annum by 2028 through productivity gains.